Friday, January 07, 2011

Dagmar Krause et al. "Some Questions About Dagmar Krause"

This is a compilation of music by Dagmar Krause, put together by a star of the internet that I am not at liberty to name here just in case the copyright Nazis get on her case. As you know, Krause performed with such popular bands as Henry Cow, Slapp Happy, the Art Bears*, and others, as well as releasing her own solo material. All of these are represented here. I have not listened to this very thoroughly yet, so these are just my initial impressions, which are favourable.

I like Krause's clipped German-accented singing voice (though I would rather that she sang more often in German). What I can say is that there is an interesting range of music in this collection, presumably driven by the range of groups and collaborators that Krause has been involved with. I can also say that I like some bits of this collection more than others. In particular, a thing I am coming to realise as I get older is that I am not really mad on all that Kurt Weill Weimar-Kabarett stuff – I mean, it is grand and all, but listening to it makes me afraid that one of Dublin's many shitey cabaret performers might suddenly appear in my living room. I am also less gone on the tracks that use a bit too much in the way of electronics, preferring the older tracks with the folky or avant-rock arrangements.

There are also amusing indications of the perhaps over-earnest political concerns mentioned separately in recent piece on Henry Cow by one of my Frank's APA correspondents. One song, 'The Song of Investment Capital Overseas' is about some guy who is, eh, investing capital overseas, while another ('Ballad of (Bourgeois) Welfare') encourages the proletariat (keen listeners to Dagmar Krause solo material) to reject the lies of the bourgeoisie and rise up against their masters.

It is also funny to listen to hear the original of 'War', a track I hitherto only knew as a storming cover by The Fall.

Mmmm, I seem to have written quite a lot about a compilation I ostensibly have nothing to say about. Even more Dagmar Krause action next time?

I actually wrote this ages ago. My less initial impressions are even more favourable

An inuit panda production

*who might just be the only good bear band.


Dave Berry said...

I'm glad you like Dagmar's music. Why would you like her to sing more in German? I tend to skip her German pieces because I get frustrated that I can't understand the lyrics. (Of course, I realise this is due to my typical British monolingualism and not a Good Thing).

Andrew Sherman said...

I think Bearsuit might be another decent bear band

ian said...

I remain unconvinced by Bearsuit.

Dave, I like the sound of German. I also find that non-anglophones sing better in their own languages. And I know a tiny bit of German and so get all excited whenever I recognise a word. And I like non-anglophone singing generally because lyrics are usually rubbish and I would rather not understand them.