Thursday, December 23, 2010

Film: "Winter's Bone"

This is that American film about crystal meth producers in the Ozarks. This 17 year old girl discovers that her missing ne'er do well father has put up their house as a bail bond. Unless the girl discovers her dad's whereabouts before some court hearing her home will be forfeited. She resolves to track him down, but this just leads to a lot of people telling her to stop causing trouble by asking stupid questions.

I found this film to be very enjoyable, mainly thanks to the great performance of the woman in the lead role and its general evocation of the bleak countryside sliding into winter. All the shots of the girl trudging around as she goes about her inquiries (being too po' to own a car, obviously) make things look almost post-apocalyptic.

I would be curious, though, as to what actual hillbillies (if they call themselves that) make of this film. There are some terrifyingly violent and unpleasant people in this film, and there are a lot of people making their living manufacturing and dealing in crystal meth. On the other hand, there are some quite nice people in it as well, and agreeable stuff like people being self-reliant and also helping each other out and stuff. And there is some nice folky music in one scene. So if the good folk of the Ozarks have seen this film, do they pick up on the good stuff, or do they moan about how they are now being stereotyped as producers of crystal meth where once they would have been tagged with inbreeding and moonshine production?

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