Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Film: "The Last Exorcism"

This is in some ways almost a film version of 'The Jezebel Spirit', the Brian Eno and David Byrne classic from My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. It is filmed in the style of a documentary, following a disillusioned southern preacher and exorcist as he heads off to do one last exorcism in an effort to show the cinematic public just what a load of charlatanry the whole demon banishing gig is. Unfortunately, as with police dramas about a cop's last day on the force, the preacher's last exorcism turns out to be anything but routine.

This film is basically a horror masterpiece. I defy anyone not to see it and be terrified. A lot of things make it so great, like the plot's ability to twist and turn just ahead of audience surmises. The acting is great too, particularly from the guy playing the preacher (smarmy, manipulative, but also conflicted and still trying to do what is right), the vulnerable and disturbed girl who is to be exorcised, and the girl's father, a mess of simple yet extreme religion, self-pity and quiet despair. That everything we see is presented as documentary footage also ramps up the scariness, as it is like a ghost story where you are reading the diary of the protagonist – you know that they might not make it through this alive.

See it and be unashamed.

this is of course the second time I have review this film. The last one I wrote very quickly for the web, while this one I wrote very quickly for Frank's APA. Which one do you like best?

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