Monday, December 27, 2010

Mudhoney (in the Button Factory)

The Seattle sensations are the ideal band to see when you have been on a work night out and had a bellyful of teh bouze on an empty stomach, leaving you a bit tanked and ready to rock out. I made it down to the venue to find that they had just started, so after knocking back another double whiskey (oh the nostalgia) I barged up the front and got down to the crazy sounds of the grunge gods. They did little in the way of between song chit chat (unlike when I saw them at ATP), just getting on with dishing out the tunes. Readers will be pleased to hear that Mark Arm can still do the Mudhoney voice.

Some might say that Mudhoney are musically a bit one-dimensional and that there is only so much of them that one can take. These Mudhoney hataz might just be objectively correct, but in a sweaty live venue there is no better music. The front of the venue saw the kind of moshing not seen in Dublin venues for years, perhaps because it featured a great many older music fans who had not been to a gig for years. It was good to show the youth how it used to be done.

Nevertheless, there were actually some of the youth present – I even spoke to some of them. Overhearing one young lad say to his friend that they must be the youngest people present, I advised them that yes, they were. In a brief conversation they revealed that they were 17, and were present largely because of Mudhoney's link to Nirvana, of whom they are big fans. Young people, eh?

For all that Mudhoney are not that great a band, they do have some real stormers in their repertoire, all of which seemed to make it out tonight (you know, 'Touch Me I'm Sick', 'Hate The Police', 'Here Comes Sickness', etc.). They also gave us what is probably their one claim to true songwriting greatness, 'When Tomorrow Hits' (even if it is kind of just 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' slowed down). I love that song, there is a power and grandeur to its doomy evocation of what must surely be the sad world of the junk-less junkie.

An inuit panda production

When Panda Hits

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