Sunday, March 21, 2010

Classic Book Club: Awesome Developments

Two important pieces of information: where and when we will meet to discuss Moby Dick, and what book we will be reading next.

First things first – we will meet upstairs in the Lord Edward on Monday 22nd March at 7.00pm. I understand that some people cannot be there that early, but maybe they will be along later. I anticipate being there for a while.

And then the next book. Because I will be reading this on a trip to Cuba, I have picked one with a Latin American theme: Nostromo, by Joseph Conrad. Eh, I think this might actually have been written after 1900, but it is a book of the long 19th century. If you do not have a copy, it should be available from public libraries, and Chapters on Parnell Street have cheapo Wordsworth Classics editions for sale for nuppence.

Back to Moby Dick. I will post my own thoughts on it online in the future. At time of writing I still have over a hundred pages to go, so it will be touch and go whether I finish it in time.

Moby Dick image

Nostromo image

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