Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free State V

pshooom! I am actually on my way to Cuba, but through the power of forward dated posts I have set this to appear now while I am in transit. As future posts appear it should guarantee a certain kind of brief eerie longevity in the event of unfortunate unexpected travel events.

This was a concert by the Crash Ensemble, Dublin's leading contemporary music performance group. They were playing new pieces by Irish composers, with their artistic director resisting the urge to throw any of his own works onto the bill.

One piece was by GrĂ¡inne Mulvey, which featured a piccolo player interacting with a load of funny recorded electronic music. It was an odd combination – the electronic music sounded like something from a Jon Pertwee Dr Who episode. I may well have enjoyed that well enough on its own, but it was not obviously suffering from having an acoustic instrument played over it. There was also an interesting piece by David Fennessy in which a cellist played over a recording of a harmonium drone; I liked it, but I did wonder what would be the difference between this and having someone there playing the harmonium.

I liked all the pieces, including a stripped down composition for strings by my Facebook pal Benedict Schlepper-Connolly. Increasingly I find that contemporary music is what I most enjoy in the live context. But, sadly, all of the composers were present tonight, meaning that I could not stand up after a piece and pretend to have written it. One day I will.

If you fancy catching Crash live yourself, they are playing some concerts outside Ireland in the near future – check out their website for details of dates in London, Washington DC, and Montclair NJ (places very accessible to all inuit panda readers, I know).

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