Thursday, March 11, 2010

Batman throwing Robin from tall building OMG WTF

Batman and Robin #9, by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart

The Dick Grayson Batman has resurrected what he thought was Bruce Wayne's body - but it was actually a duplicate psycho body substituted by some bad guy! Maniac faux Batman goes on the rampage.

The third best moment here is when Knight (an English Batman analogue) and Squire go to take out Old King Coal in his secret hide-out, where he is hanging out with some ladies of easy virtue. "I'll tek the paira yez, like!" exclaims Coal, "just divvent tell wor missus aboot the lasses, that's aal I'm saying". But then we cut back to Batman and Robin, with Batman revealing that all that corpse substitution malarkey means that Bruce Waynes is still alive. But then we have the teaser for the next issue: "Next in Batman and Robin: Batman vs. Robin". Feel the thrillpower.

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