Friday, September 25, 2009

When People Die

As you know, Steven Wells died. He was a longstanding writer for the NME. Most people seem to remember him fondly, but I can't claim any great affection for his writing. I reckon that James Brown (one time NME writer, before he became the editor of Loaded and other dreadful magazines) put it well when he said that Wells did not really like music that much. He certainly seemed to write the same article over and over, one in which he excoriated all the bands that NME readers like for not being down with the kids in some worrying ultra leftist manner. NME readers lapped this up, suggesting they may not be the brightest.

Michael Jackson also died. Although overshadowed by the well known beer expert and also by the so-called General Sir Mike Jackson, the musician Michael Jackson achieved some fame both as a solo artist and playing with his brothers (in a band, not at Risk or other family games). I do not really have too much to say about his sad end – I was never a big fan of him or his music, so his passing means less to me than it does to others. But Michael Jackson fans will not understand why I am so sad when Morrissey dies. Such is the magic of life.

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Andrew Farrell said...

There's an article about both of them (but more about Steven Wells, and the NME of the time) here.

Andrew Sherman said...

I think Swells excoriated what we would now call Indie Landfill for being BORING and for not being POP enuff.

MJ was 'Good In His Time'.

ian said...

Wells was funny on the TV programme he did about right wing nutters in the USA and how they are always listening to records backwards, as some London comedian reminded me the other day.