Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Sweet Tooth" #1, by Jeff Lemire

As a first issue fiend, I had to pick up this new Vertigo title's debut. It's an odd one. The main character is a little boy with antlers, funny ears, and a doe-like cast to his face. He lives with his father in a forest and has never seen his mother, or anyone else. One day he finds a bar of chocolate, an object that seems to terrify his father, for it is a sign that there are others out there. Then his father dies, of some kind of mysterious ailment.

The set-up here seems to be more post-apocalypse rather than fantasy, but as at starts this still seems to belong more to the realm of the unreal than of gritty survivalism. I find this title promising, and commend it to you for further attention.

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