Monday, September 14, 2009

"The Unwritten" #5, by Mike Carey and Peter Gross

This is the title about the bloke who starts discovering that he might just be the fictional character with the same name who appears in his late father's books (kind of like if Alice Liddell were to discover that the Wonderland stories really happened, or something). This episode, though, is about Rudyard Kipling, with various writings also making an appearance. It is an odd story, suggesting that the great poet and storyteller of empire was being manipulated in what he wrote by a mysterious, shadowy, and very powerful conspiracy. And for what ends, precisely, remain unclear, though maybe this is one of those fictions mould reality type of things. Anyway, I liked this a lot, and I thought that basing a story on someone now so marginalised and misremembered as Kipling suggests real nerve on the part of the creators.

There is a preview at the back from some text novel based on Fables, the popular comic about various fairy-tale characters having moved to New York. It did not grab me.

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