Thursday, April 02, 2009

Journal of Music...

You may have known the Journal of Music in Ireland. This publication is no more, having mutated in the all-new Journal of Music. Whereas the original publication looked at brainy music in Ireland (or looked brainily at music in Ireland), the relaunched Journal of Music is adopting a more international perspective. My big worry with this is that this could mean a loss of focus and lead to the journal needlessly replicating the work of other publications. We'll see. Anyway, the relaunched journal is out this month. It is already available online, presumably with the print issue hitting the shops soon. The issue appears to come with a CD compiled by the Improvised Music Company, showcasing the current state of Irish jazz.

edit: see comment for further information on the CD that comes with the Journal of Music, as well as a concert next week to promote it and a jazz-related radio show.

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Allen Smith said...

It does come with a copy of "Way Out West" a CD produced by the IMC.

There will be a launch of this sampler album of Irish jazz musicians next Tuesday 21 April in The Button Factory (formerly Temple Bar Music Centre) €15 admission which includes a copy of "Way Out West".

You can hear my programme Jazz on Four on 4FM on this Wednesday 15 on 94.9FM or live online on This week you can hear from the Way Out West album in the Piano Trio section, the Kevin Brady Trio playing Zeitgeist. It is my aim to play three or four Irish jazz artists each week on my programme. You can visit my website, where you will see the playlists and also videos of some of the artists that have been played on the programme.