Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glasgow records

So here are the records my beloved and I picked up in Glasgow. All purchased on CD, unless otherwise stated.

Es A Love Cycle
v/a La Belle Epoque: EMI's French Girls, 1965-1968
Shop Assistants Will Anything Happen
v/a Gather in the Mushrooms: The British Acid Folk Underground 1968-1974**
Mary Weiss (with the Reigning Sound) Dangerous Game** (vinyl)
v/a La Belle Epoque: EMI's French Girls, 1965-1968
Crystal Antlers Tentacles (vinyl, with free download)
v/a Planet Lollywood: The first wave of plugged-in pop at the Pakistani picture house (a Finders Keepers production)** (vinyl)
v/a Waking Up Scheherazade: Arabian Garage Psych Nuggets from the 60's and Early 70's** (vinyl)

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Sunday at Devil Dirt
Broadcast Tender Buttons

U2 The Joshua Tree
U2 War
The Breeders Pod

v/a Smalltown Superupersound On Fire (free with some magazine)

Further discussion of these records to follow in due course.

**My beloved bought this one


String Bean Jen said...

What is it with the U2 overload lately? Actually, I find it kind of ticklesome that you don't already own 'The Joshua Tree' or 'War!'

ian said...

I have long had The Joshua Tree on vinyl. More generally, U2 have a new album out, and are selling tickets for stadium concerts here, and that always puts their back catalogue in people's minds.

You should see the Pinefox on Facebook, he is listening to ALL of U2's previous albums now.

String Bean Jen said...

Yes, that's who I was referring to!

I think U2's show here sold out in about 5 minutes and then they added another one.

Why the hell am I talking about U2?!

ian said...

are you on facebook now?

String Bean Jen said...

Not yet, my friend. I'm holding out like some sort of fogey. I'm on last.fm, though.