Saturday, April 12, 2008

TV: Christmas 2007 Dr Who

It was quite a while ago now. It was also rubbish. It's a while since I have seen any nu-Who… is it all this bad? The Poseidon Adventure in space premise was enjoyable enough, but the ponderous scene on the narrow bridge across the abyss was straight out of the book of hackneyed clichés. And the music was dreadful, in the wrong kind of bombastic way. On the other hand, Kylie Minogue was surprisingly pleasant, and looked far less like the Aphex Twin than she does in photographs.


Andrew Farrell said...

If you can get hold of it, from friends or the library, there is a three-episode DVD from the last series, with "Human Nature" / "The Family of Blood" / "Blink" on it, which is as good as 135 minutes of TV as was broadbast last year. The first two are a two-part story by Paul Cornell, who also wrote the excellent Wisdom mini series for Marvel last year. It (the Doctor Who story) was nominated for a Hugo this year.

The second story is "Blink", by Stephen Moffat , who was also nominated for a Hugo this year, and is going for the hat-tirck after winning the last two for Doctor Who episodes.

They are all pretty ace - Blink slightly more cerebral and clever-clever (though still having one of the more striking exchanges of the series), while the Human Nature pair has more thrill-powered dotted around the place, and has quite a bit of old-school Who action. Also features a great scene halfway through the second episode, which is then topped in each of the following scenes.

I don't actually own a copy myself, so here's my guarantee: if you buy it and don't care for it, then I'll buy it off you for full price. Can't say fairer!

ian said...

Blink is highly praised by many people.

For all my griping, I have mostly enjoyed the minimal amount of nu-Who I have seen. I was hoping to catch some this evening, but my parents decided not to be in.

Trish Byrne said...

The music in Nu-Who is absolutely diabolical. Although last week's season opener was quite enjoyable in a kids-TV, fun way, the music was intrusive and overpowering and almost made the show unwatchable. It's like there's a fake orchestra randomly sawing away in a room at full blast, and periodically the program-makers decide to turn up the volume on them. Awful.

Andrew Farrell said...

Yes, that is true.