Saturday, April 12, 2008

Other people write blogs too

But they tend not to feature pandas.

One of these other people is "Rottenhat" (not his real name), whose blog is currently called The Colour of Memory. He writes about various things.

I sometimes look at Whereof One Can Speak, a blog about comics, but sadly it is mostly about comics lacking in thrill power.

And there is also New Music Strategies, in which this Andrew Dubber guy talks about the changing face of the music business and so on. He tends to be big on how you can't keep going with doing things the old way, and is not so hot on surefire ways to make a quick buck, so I have not used his blog to make myself rich yet. Which is a shame, as if he were to tell me how to become rich through almost no effort I would definitely throw him a couple of quid.

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