Saturday, April 26, 2008

Link action, my amazing life

After my amazing last post, I thought of never posting again. But here I am. I thought I would fill you in on forthcoming events in my amazing life. But first, some link action...

1. Don't Stop Comma Believinnnnn brings you the latest adventures of secret agent James Momus

2. Trashley illustrates the death of Charlton Heston, drawing an obvious but strangely not otherwise made point.

3. "Queenie" is inviting people to nominate THE GREATEST BANDS OF ALL TIME. I cleverly forgot all about Sonic Youth.

4. Randy McDonald likes t.A.T.u.

5. People on the Internet are very mature. (requires login)

And so to my amazing life. These are the things I am looking to go to over the next while. Maybe see you at them.

26/4/2008 - dinner with spymates

29/4/2008 - Japanese New Music Festival, featuring people from RUINS and ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE

2/5/2008 - Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, perhaps the greatest piece of music ever written.

3/5/2008 - My birthday party. Dude, this will be totally awesome. Kegger!

10/5/2008 - Original punk Jonathan Richman returns to these shores.

13/5/2008 - Black Mountain bring their spacey rock sounds to Dublin. A festival band say some, others may disagree.

15/5/2008 - Battles. I only know one of their songs.

16/5/2008 - Ladytron. Darling!

25/5/2008 - Public Enemy. I think they may be doing that Don't Look Back shite to It Takes A Nation of Millions.... Normally I am against this kind of thing, but maybe I would rather see Public Enemy do it than not see Public Enemy.

That's enough for now.

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