Saturday, April 05, 2008

Irene Speaks

Some of you may know Irene, my beloved. She does not hold with all this blog shite, but she does have a special website of her own at which you can make her happy by donating money to Camara. Here she explains why you might want to do this:

"As some of you may know, I've been doing a lot of volunteering work for Camara, a charity that refurbishes old computers and sends them to education projects in Africa. As part of this work, I'm off to an as yet undecided African country in July to teach computer skills and help set up computer labs. To do this, I need to raise €2000 to cover
my training, flights and accommodation, and to contribute towards the cost of shipping out the computers we'll be working with.

"So I've created a fundraising page on


"Please take a look and consider making a donation online (it's all secure). Whatever you decide to donate, it will be very much appreciated. If you would like more info about the charity and/or the Africa project, just give me a shout.



"PS: Please note, this is not one of those "pay for me to go on my holidays" things you sometimes see advertised (trekking in Nepal/climbing Kilimanjaro etc). I will be teaching in a classroom full-time, five days a week, so it is actual work! But don't worry, I will shortly be setting up a separate "pay for me to go on my holidays" page for those of you who really want to fund my time-share in Benidorm."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! In other fundraising news, I will be organising a pub quiz shortly ... as soon as I can think up enough questions to which the answer is a lyric from Toto's "Africa".

I will also be "doing" the women's mini-marathon in June, oh noes.