Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sixth Doctor: "The Twin Dilemma"

I've decided to write about Doctor Who instead of working on my thesis. A while back, yer man Nicholas Whyte advanced the theory that there are no good Colin Baker era Doctor Who stories. I wondered if that was maybe a bit harsh, and so combining my memory and Wikipedia's list of Sixth Doctor stories I will now pass verdict on that era, starting with Colin Baker's first story, The Twin Dilemma. It was not very good. The John Nathan-Turner slide into shite is now very marked.


Andrew Farrell said...

I have the novelisation of this, which is actually very entertaining, partly due to lots of very Douglas Adams asides about minor characters that get approx. 3 lines. I have gotten quite used to the modern pace of Who, to the point where I couldn't really imagine how they could spin more than two episodes out of it.

Andrew Sherman said...

This is indeed a clever attempt to force yourself to work on your thesis