Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pyongyang, where many flowers are in bloom

Keen readers will be aware of my interest in matters pertaining to events in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I mentioned previously a recording of music and radio broadcasts from that country. One of the highlights of that is a radio advertisement for the Arirang festival that took place in Pyongyang from April to June 2002. Seeing this kaleidoscopic performance by over 100,000 people would surely be a life highlight, the kind of thing I would love to travel back in time for. My beloved found a website on which an American fellow describes a trip to North Korea that included witnessing the Arirang festival... check it out.

There are some great pictures on that fellow's website, taken during his trip to the DPRK, and interesting accounts of his experiences there. I feel, however, that as an imperialist he was unable to appreciate the true greatness of a country built on adherence to the principles of Juche laid down by the Great Leader, Kim Il Sung and continued by the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il.

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