Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Town, Another Place

One of the People From Work is doing something a bit mad - he is buying a car worth less than UK£500 with an engine smaller than one litre, and then he is driving it to Ulan Bator, starting in the next couple of weeks. Once there he will sell the car, for charity. I'm not sure he has thought through how he is going to get back home. To make things even more eccentric, he is taking somewhat indirect route to Ulan Bator - through Europe to Turkey, then through Iran, and through a large number of countries whose name ends in -stan. If you want to read about his adventures, or donate money to his featured charities, check out Rust-bucket express. Apparently this car to Mongolia thing is something a lot of people do every year, or so the Mongol Rally website claims.

[Linking to PFW websites is of course the path of madness... sooner or later they trace back the link, and then you are in trouble. This is life]

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I have stumbled onto this blog by someone who is travelling through similar countries to my workmate: Pamistan. It features pictures of the Father of the Turkmen's famous revolving golden statue. Maybe PFW Gordon will also get to see this.

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