Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Sixth Doctor: "The Mysterious Planet"

This was the first of the totally suckass Trial of a Timelord linked season of stories, in which every story would be periodically be interrupted by a cut back to a courtroom where the prosecution would tiresomely assert that whatever was happening was proof of the Doctor's badness. The rubbishness of the framing device largely overshadows the individual stories. This one may have featured a loveable rogue character called Savalon Glitz. This fellow was showing up as a guest character in stories around this time.

I was reading that nearly every episode in the Trial of a Timelord season ended with a cliffhanger close up of the Doctor's face, presumably while he was going "Noooooooo!" in a Crisis on Infinite Earths styleeeee.

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Anonymous said...

You have understated the suckiness of Trial of a Time Loard, but this is not hard to do.