Monday, October 21, 2013

Daniel Higgs & Woven Skull

These were playing ages ago in Molloy and Dowling Opticians, one of Dublin's more unusual venues. Woven Skull are kind of an all-star band of the people involved in all that Hunters Moon festival business. They did some enjoyable freakout improv music. I liked it.

Mr Higgs is an older fellow from America or somewhere who used to be in a band and now is not. He played a banjo-like instrument and provided his own vocal accompaniment. The vocals were of a slightly idiot savant manner (with Mr Higgs himself coming across as being a bit eccentric), but the banjo playing was incredible, flitting between simple strumming and incredibly complex sounds of strangeness. The lyrics on their own might have been almost comedic, but they combined with the playing to accentuate the sense of otherness. The experience was a magical one.

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