Thursday, August 09, 2012

Brave Dog Defends Home, Family

Ruger is a pitbull terrier who lives in Valparaiso, Illinois. Recently his owner, Jayne Casteel , answered the door of their home at 3.00 am to a suspicious character who then forced his way in through the door, knocking her and her toddler son to the ground. Alerted by her scream, Ruger sprang into action, biting the intruder's arm and dragging him outside. Ms Casteel 's fiancé and another man living with them then joined the affray, serving up some punches to the intruder and a waiting accomplice. Ruger bit the intruder in the leg, whereupon he and his partner in crime ran away into the night.

Ruger has received great praise for his swift response to the threat to his family. "I am so proud of him", commented Ms Casteel. Ruger is not normally a violent animal, typically acting as what Ms Casteel describes as a "big baby". However, Ruger had been trained to protect Ms Casteel's son, as the intruder found out to his cost.


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