Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tsunami dog reunited with owner

Japan's earthquake and tsunami has led to many sad stories of people dying or losing their homes and all their possessions. There have however also been stories of people being rescued and reunited with loved ones they feared lost. One story that touched the heart of many was the tale of a little dog who was found floating on the roof of a house that had been washed out to sea (see here). The latest news is that her owner saw the footage of the rescue and recognised her, leading to an emotional reunion. Apparently the dog jumped up and wagged her tail as soon as the owner arrived for her (more).

It is easy to scoff at heart-warming stories about animals in the context of a disaster that has claimed thousands of human lives. However, as was previously the case with Hurricane Katrina in the USA, for people who have lost everything in a natural disaster reunification with a pet can often be a great comfort.

In other Japan animal related news, here is a brave Yorkshire Terrier being checked for exposure to radiation:

And here is a dog looking at his owner being checked for radiation. Or the other way round:

An inuit panda production

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