Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Contemporary Music Centre – an apology

It turns out that a lot of what I wrote previously about the Contemporary Music Centre was not entirely true. Yes, that's right – inaccuracy mars blog. Looking at their website again, I see a number of things. Firstly, they do not really seem to publish CDs themselves, but rather their shop sells CDs by artists they support. They might stump up some of the money to fund the issuing of the CD, but I can see how they might feel that it is up to the record labels to really push the recording out to the public. In any case, the shoppy bit on their website is also quite usefully arranged, allowing you to browse music by subgenre and suchlike. So I do not know what crack I was smoking when I went on my rant against these fine fellows, although I still believe that the attitude of the people on that radio programme you have all forgotten about (an episode of Nova on Lyric FM, featuring a load of whiny composers) was a bit self-defeating.

I am making this apology of my own free will and without having had any undue influence brought against me. I have furthermore drafted this apology myself and am not being held in a dungeon underneath the Contemporary Music Centre and am not being repeatedly tortured by irate members of the Irish contemporary music community.

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