Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ian's World of Very Short Film Reviews

Some of these are films I saw quite some time ago.

Inception: Nice incidental music, surprisingly linear plot for something so many found confusing. Good performances. You have seen this already, so nothing more need be said.

The Secrets in their Eyes: V. impressive Argentinean crime film, with the emerging Dirty War as a vaguely acknowledged backdrop. Great performances from the leads. The film as a whole reminds of how well Argentina films.

Gainsbourg: Stylish but maybe a bit empty? Good for music, but perhaps problematic for people who do not know all of the Gainsbourg story.

Il Gattopardo [The Leopard]: Sicilian aristocrats battle changing times. Perhaps the most realistic depiction of a big party ever seen in cinema, right down to the room full of piss.

Things to Come: A fascinating film from the era of funny English accents. Great camera work and set design.

An inuit panda production

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