Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classic Book Club: a reminder

Hello members of classic book club, do not forget, you need to have James Hogg's Private Confessions and Memoirs of a Justified Sinner read by next weekend. I suggest that we should meet in the library bar of the Central Hotel at 5.00 pm on Sunday the 18th July. What say you?

EDIT: OK so the plan has changed following discussions, we will actually meet at 8.00 pm on Sunday 18th July, still in the Central Hotel.

An inuit panda production


Ray said...

Sure, sounds good

Eoghan said...

I have a family thing on that afternoon so I doubt I will make it.

Ray said...

later sunday also works for me, and any evening but Monday.

ian said...

Note updated time - 8.00pm at the Central Hotel.