Thursday, July 15, 2010

Timmy and Tanya

Timmy is a Hermann’s Tortoise who lives in the Tortoise Sanctuary in St. Austell’s, Cornwall. When he arrived at the sanctuary and was introduced to the other residents, he did not hit it off with them. In fact, the established tortoises bullied Timmy and he had to be separated from them. However, he seemed to be a bit lonely, so he was provided with Tanya to be his friend. Tanya is only a plastic toy tortoise, but Timmy gets on very well with her. He brings her food (and seems untroubled by her not eating it), spends a lot of time nuzzling her, and will only go to bed if Tanya is put into his hut ahead of him.

Timmy is 60 years old, and is one of 450 tortoises in the sanctuary.


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String Bean Jen said...

Oh bless. Poor Timmy. I hate when animals are bullied or left alone. I got really sad watching a program on cows the other week and there was a cow left out of the social circle. :-( We all need love, affection and to be accepted.

ian said...

I'm actually surprised that tortoises do enough social interaction to like or not like each other. Cows are different, obv.