Tuesday, August 11, 2009

That is not our boss

Citizen Rex #1, by Mario and Gilbert Hernandez

Gilbert Hernandez writes the Palomar stories in Love & Rockets. Mario is the third Hernandez brother*, showing up in L&R on rare occasions. In this strip they have teamed up to jointly write and draw a strip for Dark Horse with science fiction theme. It begins with this bloke picking himself up having just been mugged, finding his robot companion also smashed up. It ends with some criminals discovering that their boss has been replaced by a maniacal android replica. God only knows where this is going, but it's a lot of fun. The art is pretty good too, albeit cartoony. I don't know how the two brothers have split the art between them, but it manages to look a bit different from normal Gilbert art without looking like the, eh, not great art I previously would have associated with Mario. Anyway, this is one title that I look forward to seeing develop.

*the other one is Jaime, but you already know this because he does those Maggie and Hopey stories you like.

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