Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sad Animal News

Sam the Koala (above, being rescued) has died. Sam touched the hearts of millions when she was rescued from the Australian bush fires earlier this year, providing a feelgood aspect to what was otherwise a rather grim episode. However, she has died as a result of cysts associated with urogenital chlamydiosis.

"It's tragic that Sam the koala is no longer with us," said Kevin Rudd, Australia's prime minister.

Meanwhile, in Poland the authorities have raided a farm where St. Bernard puppies were being overfed and transformed into lard. I suppose this counts as a good news story, in that at least some of these puppies will now no longer be turned into lard, but it is still a bit sad.

Lard continues to be made from cows and pigs.

Koala image

lard puppy image

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