Thursday, August 13, 2009

Broadcast "Tender Buttons"

So yeah, Broadcast. I saw them first all those years ago at the Bowlie Weekender, when one of my pals drunkenly accosted them at a post gig disco, telling them how great they were but also giving them some important advice on how to progress their career. "No wait, come back!" were his last words to them. Since then Broadcast have released a number of records, typically shedding a member with each one. I remember distinctly not liking the record before this – although some people (e.g. musical extremist P--- W----) felt that it was too twee, it seemed to me to be fundamentally lacking in tunes. One might almost say that it was not twee enough. I resolved to have no more to do with Broadcast.

When this Tender Buttons record came out, though, I noticed a lot of people giving it good talk. Seeing a cheapo copy in Fopp led to me taking a punt on it. Like a lot of the stuff picked up in Glasgow, I cannot say I have listened to it too closely as yet. But on a first listen or to, it seems to be a return to tune-based music, while still having the "BBC Radiophonic Workshop go pop!" sounds that everyone wants from them. Even though they are now only a two-piece, Trish Keenan still knows her place as a vocalist, though I think she makes up for it by doing loads of other musical stuff for the band. I think I will like this record a lot when I listen to it more – but only time will tell.

Since writing that, I moved flat and the record got buried.

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String Bean Jen said...

Hell yes. 'America's Boy' and 'Black Cat' really do it for me. I saw them live shortly after the release of this. They played nearly in the dark save for some dark projections behind them and an eerie blue light that would occasionally cast over the three-piece band. Their sounds coupled with the visuals felt to me like some sort of (safe) druggy, hazy, orgiastic atmosphere. Definitely erotic.