Saturday, August 08, 2009

Good Dog News

I'm getting a bit excited about my soon occurring holiday in Cornwall. One thing that adds to this is news that a compromise has been reached that allows Newfoundland Bilbo to patrol Sennen beach once more. In an outbreak of what some might call political correctness gone mad, Bilbo was banned from the beach because dogs are not allowed walk on the sands, while he was banned from riding around on a quad bike for health and safety reasons. This despite his training as a life saver and determination to make sure that people always swim between the flags. Bilbo is now allowed to work on the beach on a part-time basis.

I will definitely not be swimming outside the flags just so that I can be rescued by Bilbo.


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bilbo said...

Always swim between the flags!

William said...

Where are you going in Cornwall? I recommend the national seal sanctuary. They have Vietnamese river otters that poop and then do a little dance.

I didn't check out the Doctor Who exhibition at Land's End but it seems so doubly iconic that it shouldn't be missed.

St Ives is charming.

Will you be there with someone who has a car? I think that helps a lot.

ian said...

I don't really hold with cars. I might make it to the seal sanctuary, but the monkey sanctuary is also crying out for attention. I think we will go to Land's End (as it is v. near Bilbo's beach), so hope to check out the Dr Who exhibition.

Swimming said...

I would rather prefer to be saved by the girls of Baywatch!