Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ian solicits your advice

So tell me, is Bat For Lashes any good? The discourse around her talks a good game, and the one track I heard by her sounded at least interesting, but I am somewhat aware of my own limitations and do not want to go round buying records by attractive ladies on spec without hearing some kind of recommendation from sensible people.

I also wonder what the Inuit Panda readers' jury has to say about Julie Feeney –not much, perhaps, given that she is an Irish recording artist whose music is probably unknown outside the jurisdiction. Again, the discourse around Feeney sounds inviting, but my fear is that while she is painted as multi-instrumentalist sensation with a foot in the world of brainy compositional music, she could turn out to be just another shitey Irish singer songwriter.

Moving along, would I be right in thinking that the second CSS album is no good whatsoever? As previously noted, it crept into the shops with no fanfare whatsoever around it, suggesting that it may be rather lacking in tunes.

Finally, what do my readers think of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album (or indeed, of the second one). I am still very fond of the first one, a record that suggests that the band would be capable of making much more good music. But these days so many musical performers prove unable to deliver the goods long-term, so I am wary of the new one, for all the good reviews it has received.


Justin Mason said...

I tried Bat For Lashes and found it to be a really weak take on Kate Bush. then I listened to Aerial and everything was much better again. she's a genius!

Dyan said...

Feeney's self composed, performed and produced albums which have received the highest of acclaim from The New York Times to The London Guardian (not to forget she won Irish Album of the Year for her debut) safely removes her from ever being called as you termed’ another shittey Irish Singer Song Writer'

I am very proud that this gifted musician is Irish. I admire her work on every level.