Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sitting in parked cars

"The dead man and his partner were sitting in a parked car outside a house at Tymon North Park just before 8.30pm when a gunman got out of another car, approached their vehicle and opened fire with a handgun."

Here in Panda Mansions, we are struck by the frequency with which gangland figures are murdered by their fellows while sitting in parked cars. Is sitting in parked cars some kind of exciting leisure activity common to all car owners, or just mobsters?


Trish Byrne said...

It's all Irish car owners. They just live sitting in their cars. Hell, I know I do.

(Please don't kill me while I'm sitting in my car.)

Ray said...

I'd guess that these gangstas would usually arrange to meet in places like that - both parties drive up so they can leave quickly, it's a public, outdoor spot so surveillance is less likely, etc.
The people waiting in cars expect to have a business meeting, but find they have been set up the bomb.

Justin Mason said...

maybe they're just listening to This American Life.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a link to Ira Glass. YUM.

Same shit happens in Chicago. People sitting in cars at 3am and they get shot! Get outta the cars, folks!

ian said...

I wonder do decent honest folk ever find themselves mistaken for crims when they sit in their cars?