Friday, March 20, 2009

Concert: The Silk & Bamboo Trio

This was one of those free Sunday midday concerts in the Hugh Lane Gallery, with the particular occasion this time being the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Thus we had three Chinese musicians playing odd instruments – Chen Dacan on the erhu, essentially a violin/fiddle analogue, Wang Meng on the guzheng, a harp-like instrument also described as a zither (similar to the one that Wu Fei played at the 2007 DEAF concert I went to, though you have probably forgotten me talking about that), and the multi-instrumentalist Li Ming on the dizi(flute), hulusi (gourd flute), and yangqin (hammer dulcimer). The three played a number of tunes, sometimes all together, sometimes separately. I was struck by how many of these seemed to be fishermen's songs – fishing in China seems to be a very musical profession.

This is very much the kind of music I love to listen to on Sunday mornings – funny instruments and non-Western musical traditions. With this Silk & Bamboo trio I felt like I was getting this served up by virtuoso musicians, which made this concert total win.

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