Thursday, March 19, 2009

Live: Prison Love

We saw these fellows in Whelan's shortly before jetting off to Morocco for our winter adventure. This time the Love were missing Hurricane Barry (their usual frontman), meaning that one of the other fellows (we think El Nino, or maybe Beau Breaker) had to take over on lead vocals, with Lucky Charms helping out on backing vocals. Where could Hurricane Barry be? Could he be doing time in solitary, or had he been released early for good behaviour? Neither - he was just feeling a bit poorly and was in the prison infirmary.

As you will recall, Prison Love are this Dublin band who play old-timey American music with a tilt towards the Cajun. They dress in prison garb and have adopted prison nicknames like the ones mentioned above (others include Dancin' Pete (the accordionist – plainly the maddest of the whole band) and Soapy Mahoney). The band mix together actual examples of songs from that world and songs from outside reformed so that they sound like old-timey classics, so tonight as well as 'Rockingham Cindy' and 'Lacassine Special' they also treated us to versions of 'The Auld Triangle', 'Ace of Spades', and 'Teenage Kicks'.

There is not really much more to say about Prison Love except that they are awesome. You should really try and see them live sometime. Obviously, this is not easily accomplished if you live in the USA, as I do not think they tour over there so often, but if you live in Dublin or Ireland generally, I encourage you to check them out.

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