Friday, March 20, 2009

Albino Elephant Must Learn to Adapt

A pink baby elephant has been caught on camera, living with a herd of some 80 elephants in Botswana. The pink calf appears to be an albino. To survive, it will have to learn to protect its sensitive skin and eyes from the harsh African sun. However, it already seems to be taking due care, hiding in the shade of its mother.

"I have learned that elephants are highly adaptable, intelligent and masters of survival", reports elephant expert Mike Chase, so the pink elephant may find a way to survive.


Anonymous said...

Aw! Pink elly! Have you seen the pink dolphin? When I was in Baton Rouge and New Orleans last week I really wanted to take a detour to try to find this pink dolphin in a big lake SW of where we were. (

ian said...

pink dolphin? wow.