Tuesday, September 09, 2008


This year's Dublin Electronic Arts Festival looks pretty interesting. I have not seen the hard copy programme yet, so I don't know if it is the usual design-heavy illegible monstrosity, but the web lineup has loads of kewl stuff on it - people from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Detroit techno fellows like Model 500, gratuitous swearers like Fuck Buttons, and so on. I'm surprised they are not making more of having David Vorhaus along, given that he is apparently the man who recorded the ORCH5 sample. Not like I am obsessed or anything. It would be great if they got Vorhaus and some orchestra to do a live performance of ORCH5, though what he is actually going to be doing is playing the White Noise's Electrical Storm album live - a possibly worrying outbreak of Don't Look Back style rockism. I will still be there, if it has not sold out already.

ORCH5 Pandas


rener said...

On reflection, it is weird how we have bought tickets to see a band who only have one good song.

ian said...

I listened to the White Noise album again recently. I reckon that it is not really song based music, so having only one good song is not necessarily a problem. The textures of sound on the various tracks are very engaging when listened to on headphones, and the same might be the case when it is heard over a PA.