Friday, September 19, 2008

Ethiopian Journey: coda

Yesterday evening, after dinner, I found myself enjoying a bottle of fine cognac with some old friends. One of them has been reading my beloved's account of her experiences in Ethiopia. "But tell me, Ian," he said, "These terrible events that Irene is describing – did they really happen?"

I later put this question to Irene herself.

"Would to God that they had not!" was her reply.

I will soon be writing about my own travels in Ethiopia. I fear they may prove less engaging than Irene's account. There was, of course, that incident with the Ark of the Covenant… but the world is not yet ready to hear that tale.


Ammonite said...

And this is why I miss you guys.

Queenie said...

More!!!!! More!!!!! More!!!!

ian said...

There is no more... thank God.

kvlol said...

To have one's ignorance displayed to the world outside of an ILX setting saddens me!

Also LOL at "Finest cognacs"... If only etc etc

ian said...

Poor Kevlol... until you posted, no one knew it was you.