Wednesday, September 17, 2008

v/a "Steppa's Delight: Dubstep Present to Future. Volume 1"

I bought this because the dubstep music they were playing before Public Enemy sounded really good. At least, I think it was dubstep… well, DJ Krossphader said it was, and he is a man of honour. Anyway, this compilation, pretty good stuff. If you have ever read anything about dubstep or the music young people like these days you will broadly get the idea – super-low frequencies, music reminiscent of that Jungle stuff David Bowie invented eleven years ago. Some of the tracks are maybe a bit generic, but 'Poison Dart' by The Bug and Warrior Queen stands out as being that bit more engaging. Maybe I am just being seduced by tracks with vocals, but this song smokes and I can imagine it being pretty tasty on the dance floor. Can anyone recommend anything else by The Bug and/or Warrior Queen?

Because I am an idiot, I bought this on vinyl. I mean, for fuck's sake, what likelihood is there that some moron would invite me to DJ somewhere where playing dubstep would be appropriate? I should have got this on CD, so that i) I could play it all the way through without having to keep turning over the record after every second track and ii) I could listen to it on my iPod. Does anyone have it on CD and want to swap?

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