Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Public Enemy: live in the Tripod

This was one of those Don't Look Back style concerts, where a band plays the songs from their classic album in order. I always swore that I would stay from such things, so how come I found myself here? Have I become a hypocrite? Well, maybe, or maybe not. It suited me to go because I enjoyed Public Enemy a lot the last time I saw them, so seeing them play in the Tripod sounded like a potentially very big bag of fun. And hey, I do actually like the tunes on It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.

And ah, yeah, coming up against time pressure now, so let me just say that this was great. Hank Shocklee of the Bomb Squad was DJing beforehand, playing music that DJ Krossphader felt counted as dubstep, but which Shocklee named differently. Public Enemy themselves delivered 100%, even if (as with Ladytron) the vocals were initially mixed a bit too low. Chuck D and Flavor Flav made a great double act, the S1Ws were endearingly camp, all the musicians did their job, and DJ Law filled in well for the retired Terminator X. Thanks to George Bush, Professor Griff could not be with us on this occasion, so nothing about selling to the other man instead of the brother man, and so on.

Chuck D is such a inspirational front man, kind of like the American Billy Bragg. There is something righteous about him, which makes him maybe a bit anachronistic in our apolitical age but nevertheless appealing to oldarses like me.

Highlights: 'Night of the Living Bassheads', 'She Watch Channel Zero'.

One big lowlight, though, was all the camera action from certain cockfarmers in the audience. There did seem to be a lot of those fuckers who spend the entire gig with one arm extended above them, people who experience the entire concert by watching not what is onstage but instead a small screen just in front of their face. I have had it with these people – the day is coming soon when true music lovers will bring instant justice to bear on them. On this occasion I contented myself with doing the lizard king as often as possible, taking care to position my arm in front of the camera cockfarmer behind me.



sovietpop said...

hey maybe these people are short, like myself,and the digital screen is much preferable to a concert spent staring at the back of someones neck. You didn't think of that did ya, tall guy.

ian said...

No, they were using cameras, not periscopes.