Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nightmare Before Christmas 2007, Sunday: John Cooper Clarke

(Centre Stage)

Mr Clarke is one of those punk poet fellows, though part of his act was oddly reminiscent of the kind of act you get in Working Mens' Clubs. I'm thinking about when he did a saucy strip-tease all the crazy jokes he was telling. All those man-comes-home-from-work-early* jokes… they sounded like they were as old as the hills, yet I had never heard them before (indeed, I had never heard of this category of jokes before, but then I am a stranger to the world of humour). But he did some punk poetry stuff too, most notably doing the well-known 'Beesley Street' and then doing it again as the gentrified 'Beesley Boulevard'. So yeah, very enjoyable, though I gather this was just a truncated version of the set he always does.

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*As in – A man comes home from work early, to find one of his mates shagging his wife. He grabs his mate, kicks the crap out of him and throws him out of the house. The wife then says "You'll have no friends left if you carry on like that."

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