Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Spirit of Darkness

The BBC are having a competition to find the greatest public information film ever made.

My money is on the one about water safety, where a sinister cowled figure tries to lure children into dangerous pools of stagnant water. I still have nightmares about him.

Think Bike is pretty good too. I tried to explain its magic to my beloved, but she grew up in Patriotic TV Land, so her idea of a good public information film is that "oh my achin' back" one or that one about how if you go deaf your life is over.


Tom said...

why have you got two blogs ian and what is the difference?

ian said...

Mmmm, good question. Basically, one of the blogs is for really boring stuff that I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to read. Which is which, you may wonder. The boring one is also meant to be centred on long posts sent to a semi-academic mailing list.