Thursday, February 23, 2006

Comics Roundup 23/2/2006

This is actually several weeks worth, because IR slackass.

100 Bullets # 69 by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso has sadly become so complicated that I can't really follow what's going on anymore. The fractured time sequence does not help either. And is this the second or third time that a character has had bullets pumped into them only for them to show up a few issues later going "Wow. that was a close call"?

Loveless #3 by Brian Azzarello & Marcelo Frusin: with a lot of of my regular titles folding I am flailing around for new things to buy. This is an ongoing western series, written by Azzarello and drawn by some other geezer. Azzarello has done western before, in the wonderfully bizarre "Diablo" limited series (about a Dublin country band who keep it real). Sadly, this title seems like it's already crossed the Azzarello event horizon and is barely comprehensible to a casual reader. Whatever happened to those "in previous issues" things you used to get at the start of comics?

DMZ #3 by Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchelli: Another try-out. There was a lot of buzz about this title before it started, but it seems a bit so what to me. The premise appears to be that some kind of WARRE has broken out in the USA, and New York is now divided up like Beirut or Mogadishu. Makes you think. But not enough to buy again.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy by Joe Kubert. At last, a good comic, with a cute puppy. Easy Company finally learn the somewhat hare-brained purpose of their mission, but things still rock along in an excitingly grim manner. I am really curious as to how Kubert will extract the squad from Latvia, not known for its accessibility to American forces in 1943.

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