Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Comics Roundup 7/2/2006

The Exterminators” # 2 by Simon Oliver and Tony Moore

This comics concerns two dysfunctional guys who work as pest exterminators. Unfortunately this issue sees the unlikely death of the more entertaining character, meaning that this comic might already be in decline. Oh well.

Fantastic Four & Iron Man: Big In Japan” #4 by Zeb Wills and Seth Fisher

The final issue of this bizarre limited series, which saw the titular heroes go to Japan and fight giant monsters. The art carries the story, which is some ways unfortunate as the artist has just gone and died.

Gotham Central” #40 by Greg Rucka, Kano, and Stefano Gaudiano

The final prog. This comic was a police procedural set in Gotham, where the cops have to contend with costumed freaks in the course of their work. In the early issues Batman tended to appear as a dues ex machina to resolve each story, but he has not appeared so much lately. The last run of stories have seen the main characters (honest cops) face off against the crooks who make up the majority of Gotham’s finest.

I’m sad to see this title end. It managed to deliver nicely character driven stories set in a world of seedy corruption. The story does at least end well (in narrative terms), with the last couple of episodes bringing things to a natural end.

I don’t know if there are any plans to reprint this in trade format, so maybe you have missed the bus.

Y: The Last Man” #42 by Brian K. Vaughan, Goran Sudzuka, & Jose Marzan Jr.

You know the score: mysterious plague wipes out every male in the world simultanaeously, apart from this escapologist guy and his pet monkey. This episode is mainly about the monkey, now separated from the bloke.

This is a funny title… by its nature it should surely be heading towards some kind of conclusion wherein they somehow work out either how to bring men back into the world or to continue the human race without them. But it never seems to quite reach that point, and never shows any obvious sign of needing to in the short term. Rock on.

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