Thursday, February 02, 2006


I saw some TV round the parents over Christmas. TOTP2 on Christmas Eve was interesting, showing some fascinating bits and bobs from the programme’s history. One spectacularly awful act were Bros. I hated Bros back in the day. Sometimes with these kind of acts, the hatred of the past becomes an almost nostalgic fondness in the present whenever their existence is recalled. However, seeing Bros perform ‘When Will I Be Famous’ is enough to make clear that they truly were one of the most awful groups the world has ever seen. Aside from the haplessness of their singer’s voice, there is the whole creepiness of their appearance, an odd look which combines the rent boy with the Nazi stormtrooper. Then there is their complete inability to dance, and the hopeless nature of the music they perform. Their success can only be explained by the strength of reality bending hallucinogens routinely being fed to teenagers back in the late 1980s.

I understand that some people are still claiming that Bros are makers of great music, but I hope that forced exposure to their "music" will cure them of this terrible affliction.

Beyond that, seeing Pan’s People dancing in the TOTP studios to T-Rex’s ‘Jeepster’ was funny. Pan’s People are a true oddity of the past, and I feel privileged to vaguely remember them. They used to dance in studio to the tunes that did not have a video or performers willing to come in and mime to their song. On the evidence of this piece they managed to be a bit weak in the dancing department yet surprisingly risqué in the suggestive nature of their moves. I wonder has anyone ever released a video of Pan’s People dance routines?

Sadly I missed Christmas Day TOTP due to it being Christmas and having to eat with the parents, but I did see “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” on Stephen’s Day. This is still probably my all time favourite film, given the way it manages to mix genres, be spectacularly funny, and still contain a political message about how Los Angeles managed to go so wrong. Plus it has Jessica Rabbit playing pat-a-cake.

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