Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Public Notices

I mentioned the other day that some public notices have been appearing on the streets of Dublin. Here are two older ones that may or may not come from the same source. They are formatted a bit differently, notably lacking the header "Notice" or "Public Notice", so that it is not obvious that they are a notice. They also deviate from the previously mentioned examples in that they neither refer to the Irish constitution nor warn entities tha they are not mentioned in it. However, there is a certain similarity of tone that suggests at least the possibility of a shared origin.

First up we have this one, from the Euro Stability Thing referendum campaign, advancing the claim that the unelected European Commission makes Ireland's laws:
I am not sure that this is an accurate description of the EU legislative process.

Then there was this poster that also appeared during the referendum campaign:
12 Foot Lizards
Sadly, I did not make it to this public meeting, whose precise location was not specified.

If there are any further developments in this area, I will keep you posted.

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