Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Lost Dog and Owner Reunited by Twitter

Staff at Pearse Station in Dublin were astonished when a train arrived in at 8.00 am and discharged some early commuters – and a Jack Russell dog. The station workers took a photo of the little dog and posted on the popular social networking website Twitter. While waiting in hope for his photograph to make its way to the dog’s owner, the little fellow was able to stay in the station office where he proved to be "very friendly" and was given the nickname Checkerby the Iarnród Éireann staff. They were apparenty thinking of offering him a job.

After being re-tweeted some 500 times, the little Jack Russell’s photo was seen by his owner, Ms Deirdre Anglin, who was herself posting photos of him on Facebook. She came in to collect the wayward canine, whose name is Patch. As she was bringing him home on the train, people apparently kept asking if he was the dog from Twitter.

Patch thanked all the nice people in Iarnród Éireann and commented that he had had the best day of his life. He has also started his own Twitter account.


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