Sunday, May 13, 2012

A post about bikinis

This blog has the word "bikini" in its URL, but I have never posted about bikinis - until now. For it has reached the time of year when shops start to advertise clothes that people might want to wear on their summer holidays. As happens every year, the chain H&M have put up posters advertising bikini tops for sale – for the eye catching price of €4.95. However, they continue not to run advertisements for bikini bottoms. This has me wondering what mysterious game they are playing.
Bikini Top €4.95
I have two theories. One possibility is that these items are being advertised as a loss leader, and should a woman want to buy a complete outfit she would have to spend €500 on a bikini bottom. The other is that there is a whole secret world of holiday resorts where women wear only bikini tops. The former appears most likely, as the models in the advertisements are clearly photographed wearing bikini bottoms. But I wonder if any Inuit Panda readers can shed any further light on this mystery?

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