Monday, April 23, 2012

The Return of Poldi

Near the German village of Aying an emaciated ginger cat was recently found sitting on a log in the woods. The bedraggled cat was taken to an animal sanctuary, whose staff noticed that his ear bore a faded tattoo of identification. When this was matched against a cat database, they discovered that the ginger tom's name was Poldi and that he had gone missing in 1996 – 15 years ago.

Poldi has been reunited with his old owner, who had understandably given up all hope of seeing him again. It is believed that Poldi originally left his home because he did not get on with the owner's other cat. It is not reported as to whether Poldi has outlived the other cat or whether he will once more have to confront his Kattenfeund.

Poldi's 15 year absence is nearly four times that of the Devon cat Willow, who went missing in 2007 but was recently found and identified from her microchip. Willow was also a bit bedraggled when she was recovered. On her return home she was very nervous and had to sleep on the tummy of her owner, Mrs Cristel Worth.

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