Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Man Fights Robot On Mound Of Skulls

Did you miss me talking about the comics I buy each week? No, I did not think so, but despite everything I will talk some more.

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 (of 6), by Peter Hogan, Chris Sprouse, and Karl Story

OK, so what is this? Tom Strong is a character created by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse, kind of as a Superman analogue, but only kind of. Moore stopped writing new Tom Strong stuff, either because he was retiring from comics again, or because the publisher had been taken over by one of the comics companies with which he was feuding, or because he needed to wash his hair, or something, but Chris Sprouse has gamely tried to recruit other writers to keep the character going. Unlike some of Alan Moore's original characters, Tom Strong seems to have enough going on to make his further adventures at least theoretically interesting, though the general comics buying public may disagree.

Anyway, this one sees Tom getting ready to celebrate his daughter Tesla's wedding, but then due to a kind of rupture in the time space continuum he finds himself sucked off into an alternate world where TEH NAZIS won the Second World War! OMG. Worse, he finds himself captured by Albrecht, his evil Nazi son, who is now Der Fuehrer. And then Ingrid Weiss, the scary Nazi lady who stole his sperm to produce Albrecht, is trying to sex him up.

So yes, eventful stuff.

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